Shatta Michy gives her 3 best $ex positions.

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Diamond Michelle Gbagonah popularly called Shatta Michy appeared on GhOne’s Tv Duvet as a guest.

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The adult rated program talks about relationship matters and goes deep to discuss what should be done in the bedroom to please your partner.

Michy who was a special guest on the show with the marriage counselor Papa Kwamina revealed her favorite sex positions to the amusement of the host, Giovanni Caleb and even the viewers.

Michy believes that most Ghanaian women do not want their men to ‘know they are ‘spoilt’, so even if they want to enjoy it, they tend to hold back more.

“My man will feel like where did I learn this from” She added and blamed it on our culture which she claimed is not to be too excited about sex.

The mother of one continued that, location does not matter in sex as it can be done anywhere — “In the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, on the floor, but if you want to explore- your backyard.” She stated.

Speaking on her favorite sex positions, Michy said she has three favorites. The first one it’s is called cowgirl. She explained; it is when the woman is on top, be in charge, whiles the man lies down and do nothing.

The second position she stated is called CAT- Coital Alignment Technique. It is an advanced form of the popular missionary position. That’s instead of the chest to chest- the man will lean to a side a little which eventually gives a very firm penetration.

The last one she continued is called One up…In simple terms, it is when the man ‘eat the thing’.

Shatta Michy with his baby daddy, Shatta Wale are having a rough time at home with regard to their relationship, have been throwing indirect jabs at each other on social media.

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