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Is Romance Important In A Relationship?

Is romance important in a relationship? Romance is the only spice of life without which life would suddenly seem meaningless.

10 Things You Should Always Be Able to Talk About With Your Partner

Partnerships require diplomacy and tact. They also require a basic respect of the other person and their thoughts, feelings, opinions and

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When it comes to sex positions, we are all aware of the basic ones such as Doggy style, missionary, woman

6 health benefits of morning $ex

Somethings just go with the night, like pillow talk, a racing brain, and PJs. While something just go with morning

5 signs you are a side ‘chick’

You never met his friends If a guy really likes you and wants to have a future with you, he

Look at me…while we do it!

Disclaimer: The views I will attempt to express here are totally worthless and you will gain absolutely nothing from reading

The 3 essential steps for finding love

Falling in love can be hard — and falling in love again when you’ve been hurt before can be even

5 things a woman will never do if she truly loves you

When a woman loves, she loves for real. But how do you tell if she truly loves you or she


If you are in a LDR then trust me, this is one of the common phrase you can ever hear

Bishop Obinim again!!!!!

Bishop Obinim is counted among the controversial pastors in Ghana for his actions and beef with other pastors. He has